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"He has a true teacher's gift for boiling things down without dumbing them down" - The Times

David is a professional pianist, published composer and YouTube educator. His work in music has taken him on many exciting adventures: from a residency at Monaco's Casino de Monte Carlo, to recording at Abbey Road studios, and even starring in an episode of WDR's 'Wunderschön!' with his band.

David started taking piano lessons at the age of eleven. At thirteen, he ditched the lessons and started teaching himself and by twenty-one he was a professional, full-time working musician.


In 2018, David decided to start a YouTube channel where he could share his passion for music. His videos use music theory to analyse and appreciate some of the most revered music of the last one-hundred years and, as of 2023, he has gained a following of over 800,000 subscribers. David's favourite artists are no secret to his audience, with The Beatles and Radiohead making regular appearances in his videos.


David's first love in music is composing. His style is meditative, minimalist and, very much, piano-focused. His EP, "The Longest March", was released November 2020 and is available on most streaming services.

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